A Nasogastric Tube Holder that is more Comfortable and More Secure than Tape

Designed and Patented by healthcare professionals to hold Salem Sump, Levine and Entero-flex feeding tubes in the intensive care unit. Secure, Easy to reposition with No Adhesives!

“Set it and Forget it!”

Why TubeSafe

Ideal for intensive care (ICU) and longer term care, the TubeSafe is more reliable and cost effective in securing enteral feeding tubes over longer periods. Let’s face it, tape is difficult to handle while wearing gloves and can be a source for cross contamination. The TubeSafe has been designed to fit snug on any Endotracheal tube and hold the nasogastric feeding tube securely while allowing easy adjustments for misplaced tubes. Some holders just pinch the tube to hold it but the TubeSafe wraps entirely around the tube with just enough pressure to hold it securely.

  1. Disconnect the patient from a ventilator or oxygen source and push the TubeSafe onto the hub of the endotracheal tube. Reconnect the patient to the ventilator or oxygen.
  2. Flex the two flaps apart at the smaller slotted hole and slide the gastric tube at an angle into the smaller hole.
  3. Release the two flaps to lock the gastric tube in place.

Available Sizes